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About Us

First Medical Response of Texas has seen remarkable growth since Edwin E. Reyes and Carlos Cardec founded the company in 1995. Today First Medical response is among the largest independently owned ambulance services in the Central Texas Area.  Over the last two decades, First Medical Response has solidified our reputation as an industry leader by investing in the most advanced medical equipment and life-saving technology, in continuous education for our employees, and in a comprehensive range of quality assurance programs.

Our philosophy of compassionate quality care is still integral to every aspect of the company. We are, and always have been, dedicated to the care and comfort of each individual we serve. And we also remain dedicated to giving back to our communities, with truly valuable programs and services that make a tremendous difference in people's lives.


Bio-Edwin E. Reyes...
started First Medical Response of Texas in May 1995 in San Antonio Texas with a small first aid bag providing basic first aid service at Far West Rodeo and now known as Cowboys Dancehall. Edwin E. Reyes was certified as an Emergency Care Attendant (ECA) when he started.  First Medical Response started hiring certified medical staff in 1996 and was licensed by the DSHS EMS as First Responder Organization (FRO).


In 2000 Carlos J. Cardec joined First Medical Response as a partner and Director of Operations. In 2001 First Medical Response bought its 1st Ambulance and registered as an MIUC/BLS Ambulance Provider.  Edwin Reyes has been certified through the DSHS EMS since 1995.  He started as a First Responder in Bexar County Texas in 1991 for a small County Fire Department. He got certified as an Emergency Care Attendant (ECA) in 1993. Edwin Reyes worked for several small and large private ambulance services in San Antonio and then became and EMT-Intermediate in 1995.  After several years as an Intermediate Edwin moved to Arlington Texas where he worked for the City 911 provider. 


In 2001 Edwin got certified as a Paramedic.  Edwin worked as Field Paramedic, Dispatcher and Dispatch Supervisor.  During that time Edwin continued to operate First Medical Response.  In 2006 Edwin was hired by Austin Travis County EMS where he has worked as Field Paramedic, Rescue Paramedic and AHA Instructor. First Medical Response provides ALS Medical Standby Service to over 200 events per year.  First Medical Response now has 5 Ambulances, 2 Special Event Units (Medical Gators), 4 Medical Bikes, 1 - 24 foot Special Events Trailer w/ A/C, Treatment Beds, Computer System and phone/fax capabilities.  First Medical Response has over 60 DSHS EMS Medical Certified Personnel (additional staff on contract), 30 Water Safety / Lifeguard Personnel and 10 American Heart Association Instructors (CPR/First AID, ACLS and AMLS).


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